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Kingswood Children’s Summer Theatre is BACK Summer 2022!!!


Workshops will begin Tuesday 6/28 and culminate with performances 7/30 and 7/31 in

Kingswood Arts Center!

Registration is OPEN!!

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Our Program:

Kingswood Children’s Summer Theatre provides a program for children ages 6-18 years old to participate in all aspects of theater required to produce a culminating theater performance. Our program takes them through the audition process, theater etiquette, learning lines, learning songs, learning choreography and blocking, set design, costuming and make up.

Our program is 4-5 weeks long (depending on end of school dates in our district – snow days!) with our performances taking place the last weekend in July.  We also have a 1 week program for those who would like to get a taste for what we do , or for those whose busy summer plans don’t allow them to stay with us the whole program. Workshops run Mondays through Fridays  8:30AM – Noon and are held at the fantastic Kingswood Arts Center in Wolfeboro.

Leadership skills are a wonderful addition to our older thespian’s experience with our program as they work as our group leaders – balancing their time as guides for our younger thespians and working on their own roles in the play. For most of our Group Leaders, their hard work in our program can also be used towards Volunteer Hours required in many high schools as part of their Scholar Programs.

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